100 Kids Who Care Maui came from the desire to teach children that philanthropy comes from the willingness to help and that anyone can contribute, regardless of age, gender or their net worth. As well, we highlight that the need for help exists in our own community. Our mission is to make the biggest impact in our community possible with our donation. 100 Kids wants to inspire the next generation of philanthropists by providing a forum to help and contribute to local charities.

Amanda and Peyton Prouty


Peyton is a 9 year old student who is very active in the community of Maui. She loves animals and loves to help others. Peyton enjoys much of what Maui offers. Her interests include Horseback riding, surfing and reading. Peyton and her family moved to Maui several years ago from Chicago. Her mother Amanda Prouty is also actively involved in organizations around Maui. Amanda is a board member of IMUA Family Services and is the Co-Organizer of the 100 Women Who Care Maui.

Tammy, Robert and Bailey Browning

Robert is a twelve year old seventh grader. Robert is outgoing and energetic who enjoys acting, baseball and playing Xbox with friends. He is the first one to help anyone that is in need. He is an amazing brother and son. Bailey is a seven year old second grader. She is energetic and has a passion for horses. One day she hopes to be a veterinarian with a specialty in horses. She loves reading and being with family and friends. Bailey is a loving sister and daughter. Tammy moved to Hawaii 25 years ago to be closer to her sister. Family has always come first to her. Tammy is involved in the community helping others and is also on the board of Imua family services. Tammy enjoys being with friends and family.